Great Christmas Storybook for kids

What a wonderful story. Great graphics and
interactive too!!!

My kids love it. Thanks for making an app for
Children. I am going to buy it for all my nieces and
nephews. This is quality book that can now keep
my son's attention while allowing him to read at his
own pace or being read to him

Just great. Highly recommended

approached by the author of  Flying Poodles I was
excited to read it. Flying Poodles is the story of a dog
sled team of poodles that has to take over for the sick
reindeer on Christmas. It is a sweet story of courage
and friendship you don't want to miss!
I am waiting on the hard copy of the book to arrive
but Rachel and I cuddled up in front of the PDF
version on my computer a couple nights ago.
This book is wonderful. Rachel was engaged the
whole time. She asked questions with each part of the
story. I loved the way the story flowed. it kept a very
nice rhythm while telling a great story of courage. We
laughed multiple times. My daughter laughed extra
hard when Mrs. Claus pulled out her phone to send a
text message! The pictures even offered a great
teaching moment. On one of the pages the Northern
Lights were included and I was able to teach Rachel
all about them!

This book is a must read for anyone with a love of
Christmas! =)
and review; so here it is.  First I'll let you all in on a
little secret about me; Sherri.  I'm a Christmas
maniac; it is by far my favorite time of year.  Our
house gets the full on decking of the halls; being that
we are now in Southern California it takes that much
more to seem like Christmas.   So when I heard
about this new book which happens to be about
Christmas; I was all over it.    That and the fact that I
was recently sent a book which I offered to read the
heros of the day; are a pack of poodles.  So
Christmas and poodles?  It's gotta be good.  This
new book is called Flying Poodles; A Christmas
Story.,  written by Karen Morss and illustrated by
Ginger Nielson.  
I know that you don't all have poodles but if you love
the Night Before Christmas story and you love dogs
you have to love this.  The story was inspired by the
team of standard poodles that ran the Iditarod; yes
truly they did and the book is done sort of like the
Night Before Christmas story.  Flying Poodles is
imaginative with some very cute twists.  The
illustrations are much like those from back in the
good ole' days of Christmas story books.   I loved it
and Flying Poodles will hold a primo spot on the
shelf for the day that I have Grandchildren to read
Christmas stories to.  For now it will be read to me
and the dogs.  ;)
Bella and Finny LOVE this book! They think it's
pawsome! Follow the
Adventures of Bella and
Finny on Facebook.
It is a great book. Darling story and
beautifully presented. Jane Smythe
By Luisa LaFleur, The Children’s Book Review
Published: November 28, 2010

Flying Poodles: A Christmas Story

by Karen Morss (Author), Ginger Neilson (Illustrator)

Reading level: Ages 4-8

Hardcover: 33 pages (iPhone and iPad apps also available)

Publisher: Poodle Dog Publishers (2010)

Source of book: Author
Flying Poodles: A Christmas Story begins with a slight variation on one of the most well-loved lines in all holiday
literature. Instead of “Twas the night before Christmas,” Karen Morss starts her story off with “Twas two nights
before Christmas” and proceeds to tell a jolly tale of adventure and rescue. Santa’s reindeer are sick and it
doesn’t appear likely that they’ll be able to pull the sleigh on Christmas night. What are Santa and Mrs. Claus to
do? Why, just pull out their cell phones and text Santa’s sister Sally for help, of course. She rushes over with
her sleigh pulled by a team of poodles. Although she tries to nurse the reindeer back to health, they’ll be too
weak to pull the sleigh and deliver the toys. So the poodles step up and volunteer for the job. But will they be up
to the test?

The title of the story kind of gives away the ending but it’s a charming book with lovely illustrations and a very
kind message. And in keeping with the holiday spirit, the author will make a donation to the Smile Train, an
international organization that provides cleft lip and cleft palate surgery to children in need, for every book sold.
Flying Poodles at Christmas, a read aloud book for the ipad

By Amanda 04
Dec 2010

Flying Poodles!

This is a cute story book where a little kid can turn the
pages by swiping their fingers on the screen and a voice
reads the holiday story about flying Poodles.

Your kid can also read the story by themselves, and they
can go to a special area and meet the poodle characters. says:
“This is a warm-your heart
Christmas story especially for kids and dog lovers.
Perfectly Merry!”

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