An adventure,
a mystery,
a rescue,
and a new
best friend...
what could
be better?!

John Suter was born tough. Maybe a poodle
howled at the moment of his birth, a canine portent
of things to come. One day he got the idea of
running poodles. For the next sixteen years, John
raced poodles competing in over 280 races with
90 podium finishes. The poodles raced and
completed the Iditarod four times.

John became known as ‘The Poodleman’.

Ginger Nielson is a full-time children’s book
who lives at the top of a hill, near the edge of a
in a semi-rural part of New Hampshire. There is a
magic wand on her desk and a dragon in the
Everything else is perfectly normal. You can see
of her work on her website at: www.gingernielson.

Dan Levinson (1935-2003) loved animals and kids
all ages. For many years he had a great job
high school biology and other subjects in Nome,
He liked camping, backpacking, skiing, boating
and judo.
Dan enjoyed making up stories and telling tales of
adventures. John and his Poodles inspired this
the only one he ever wrote down.
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Nancy Levinson beloved wife of author, Dan Levinson and

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